Choosing and Caring for a New Pet


Surprising Foods Likely To Send Your Dog to the Animal Hospital

Most pet owners tend to treat their dogs like their furry babies, which sometimes means sharing your food with them. But in some instances, edibles that are perfectly safe to be consumed by humans can prove extremely toxic to dogs, even when these foods are not considered poisonous to other animals! The reason why some of your foodstuffs can be dangerous to your furry

4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog's Coat Tangle-Free

If you own a dog, particularly one with longer coat, you'll already know what a problem tangles can be. They irritate your dog, and they only get worse if you don't act against them right away. As with most doggie problems, prevention is better than treatment. With that in mind, here are just four tips to follow if you want to keep your dog's coat tangle-free. 1. Brus

Understanding Eyeball Protrusion In Hamsters

Eyeball protrusion is a surprisingly common injury in hamsters and should be treated as an emergency. If not treated promptly, an eyeball protruding from the eye socket could become infected and need to be surgically removed. Any type of surgery can put your hamster's life at risk, as general anaesthetic puts significant pressure on their small heart. This injury can

Why Should You Provide the Food When Your Dog is Boarded?

Most dog owners would prefer to keep their four-legged friends around 24/7, but it's sometimes necessary to board them at a kennel when you need to be away from the house. When you're looking for boarding kennels, you may notice that several suggest or outright stipulate that you supply the dog's own food for the duration of their stay. This often comes as a surp

Keeping an Injured Wild Bird Safe Until You Can Get to a Vet

If you're a pet owner and your animal gets sick, you know right away that your vet is there to help. Sometimes, though, you might find an injured or unwell wild animal and be unsure of what to do. Although there are relevant charities that can help, they're often very busy, with limited resources, so you can also call on your local veterinarian in this situation. If y